Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Interview with Rich from Dead Earth Games

Hello everyone. I've decided to try something new out on the blog. Since getting back into wargaming I've got chatting to lots of people in the hobby including people who have made their own games, so I decided it would be interesting to try and do a little interview with some. Never done anything like this before so bear with me.
In this post I spoke to Rich from   Dead Earth Games, creator of Across the Dead Earth and The Shattered Crown. Now I'm a bit of an Across the Dead Earth fan boy, as it was as I see it, the game that got me back into wargaming.  My friend was into old Necromunda and I found out my old necromunda miniatures with the aim of making up a few gangs.  Then I found Across the Dead Earth for the rule book and bam! My necromunda miniatures became gangs for the post apocalyptic version of my home town Smethwick  (Across the Dead Earth is set predominately in a post apocalyptic U.K. ). The chat was about the upcoming 2nd edition of the Across the Dead Earth and a few other things. Anyway here's the chat.

Mart: Congratulations on the latest kickstarter for Across the Dead Earth. The assassin models look amazing. When did Dead Earth games start up and what did you have in mind? 

Rich: Thanks. So, I wrote ATDE in 2013. It came about quite naturally, developing out of a skirmish ruleset I was playing with my friends in the loft. Originally their was a Napoleonic setting, but with only a handful of figures, then there was a very brief period where I tried to make a skirmish game set in Stalingrad 1942 which didn’t work because no one ever moved. To give myself more freedom around tech and classes, and avoid any sense of feeling tied to realism I chose a futuristic setting, but I really wanted to restrict technology too – it had to make sense as a skirmish game, rather than anything that could be resolved with planetary missile strikes. I started talking about the rules I had written and a publisher got in touch and we spoke and eventually they passed but really encouraged me to still try to get the rules out. That’s when I spoke to my brother Mike and he suggested a Kickstarter campaign. So as a company we basically existed as a result of that first Kickstarter campaign being successful in 2014. I don’t know what we had in mind – making some miniatures was a cool enough end in itself! 

Mart: Across the Dead Earth has been a solid success having been around for a few years. I think the rule set is great but what can we expect in the 2nd edition in terms of rule changes, New gangs and potentially vehicle rules?

Rich: I don’t have any urge at all to change the fundamentals of ATDE. We’re streamlining the rules and trying to make everything as easy to remember as possible – so, for example, Short, Medium and Long ranges will always be the same distance, but some weapons will only be able to fire “up to” Medium or even short. We’re reversing some stats so scoring higher on the dice is always better, which might seem like a big change but, honestly, it just makes more sense and people get used to it in minutes. We’ll also be expanding the rules a bit, yes, to bring in proper vehicle rules. I’m also varying factions and the stats that go along with them a lot – so the State will actually play completely differently to the Forest-Kin now, for example. 

Mart: I'm a huge fan of the Across the Dead Earth fluff. Will the original fluff from rulebook be kept and possibly expanded in the 2nd edition?

Rich: Yes. All of the faction detail from Origins has been included and expanded. The F-UK feels a lot more territorial now. We talk about larger factions more as well as just the individual roaming gangs. Things have moved on a tiny bit for some characters mentioned in the original fluff, and there is now an organised or semi-organised resistance to The State. 

Mart: Will the supplement that had been released (From Sea to Poisoned Sea) be integrated into the 2nd edition?

Rich: Some of it. I think the Sollus rules will remain pretty much intact. I don’t know if we’ll talk about The Disunited States this time. I want the book to feel complete and not like it has random appendices added in. So…some of it. Also, we never really finished FSTPS so in that sense the missing parts will be in the second edition.

Mart: I attended the Across the Dead Earth Tournament 'Murder in the Midlands' and had a great time as did everyone else. Is this and maybe wargaming shows something you would like to do more of in the future to push the game forward?

Rich: Shows, definitely. They’re the lifeblood of games. We haven’t been out much recently as we simply haven’t been able to put out new products to sell and we don’t have a rulebook available at the moment. That’s one of the main reasons for taking the opportunity to create a second edition. I very much want to get back out there. As for tournaments – as you know, Murder in the Midlands was all down to other people, and I had a great time there too and I hope it happens again. I suppose if Neil doesn’t do it again I could…but there’s always The To Do List.

Mart: What new miniatures would you like to be released at the same time as the 2nd edition rules? 

Rich: Oooh. So many. Hopefully we’ll get a Trade Guild gang out and someone for them to go up against. Probably a faction from the new fluff. I’ve always really wanted to get a gang called The Gentleman Adventurers done – tweed jackets, hunting rifles, monacles etc based out of the nuclear bunker of a stately home…Maybe one day.

Mart: When roughly will we see the 2nd edition be released?

Rich: The 1th of Nocemburary.

Mart: Any other plans or teasers you would like to tell us about Across the Dead Earth v2? 

Rich: Well, I can’t tell you too much more because I haven’t finished writing it. And I’ll be influenced by player feedback from alpha and beta testing yet – after all – there’s no point releasing a version of the game that I like but no one else does. So I guess I would say to people to keep their ideas coming in. 

Mart: Now onto another game you guys are developing 'Pirates of the Undead' where did the idea for this game come from? 

Rich: I love pirates! Who doesn’t? And whilst there are some rulesets out there, really I wanted to bring the speed and simplicity of ATDE to a pirate setting, and then as soon as I thought about it it just made so much sense. ATDE is actually largely about finding and fighting for treasure (Loot tokens), and the event cards really allow you to impart themes and flavour, so there is a LOT of that in the Pirate versions of the cards. 

Mart: Will this be a skirmish game also and what do you feel is unique about it?

Rich: Yes, it’s absolutely a skirmish game. I think the character and sense of fun and adventure is the uniqueness. It doesn’t take itself too seriously whilst still being a proper, tactical game. The whole point of it is to make it feel like a Pirate game, not just a skirmish game with swords and ships.

Mart: How big a table does the game need and how long would a game last? 

Rich: This will take more playtesting, but I would imagine we’ll end up recommending 3x3” when ships aren’t involved and bigger if they are, and a similar period of time to ATDE. Although I am writing some deliberately quick scenarios for this one too. 

Mart: What miniatures would you like to see released for the game?

Rich: Again, I have loads I’d like to get done. Everything from dwarves with peg-legs to parrots, to giants with rowing boats for hats to mermaids and sirens. We’re starting with Dwarves. 

Mart: Is there a timeline for the game or is or slightly on the back burner with Across the Dead Earth v2?

Rich: In all honesty I don’t know which will get finished first! Writing a new game is much easier. There’s nothing to compare and contrast to. With 2nd Edition ATDE everything needs to be better than it was, otherwise there’s no point doing it. With Pirates of the Undead Seas I’m just playing. 

Mart: Dead Earth games also have the fantasy game The Shattered Crown but whenever we had a a discussion on Facebook post I always imagine you are having new game ideas all the time. Is this the case? If so no details needed but how many game ideas are in the back of your mind right now? 

Rich: Hmm…I think there are four others that have names, put it that way. If only thinking of the ideas was the tricky part! As we saw with The Shattered Crown, it takes a lot of support to get a game made and we overstretched ourselves with that one. We needed to be much more firmly established to try to get a game of that scale out. So everything else in my head now is probably in the realm of skirmish, or smaller starter size anyway. I have ideas all the time, you’re right, but a lot of the time 2 days later I’ll realise that either there’s a problem, or that someone else is doing something similar, or that whilst the ideas is fine, if I don’t LOVE the setting and the fluff and won’t enjoy writing it, I’ll never be able to push it in the right way. I wrote a fair amount around some rules for a 1920’s gangster game based on ATDE, and then abandoned it because I realised I didn’t particularly want to write about that period and I had no desire to write about real people…so it just got forgotten about. It would have probably worked, but I wouldn’t have been as into it as ATDE, TSC or Pirates of the Undead Seas and as such someone who really IS into that setting will make a better game for people to play.

Mart: Thank you for answering my questions and I can't wait to see what Dead Earth Games has planned.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Easter been and gone.

Been awhile but I've been off with the kids over the half term. Had a lovely time in Wales at the cottage we regularly go to. It's just outside Dolgellau and about 3 miles off the main road so quite remote!
Obviously while we were there we visited Porthmaddog so I had to go to the model shop there. (If you are ever nearby I recommend a visit to the town and this shop to support a great little business). They stock models galore, warlord stuff and boxes of soldiers from all manor of eras. Plus plenty of  vehicles for displays, midel train stuff and Amera Plastics! I had a good rummage through the selection (some is for airfix models and not 28mm scale) I located a water fall and a couple of river sections.  Now I've been after a waterfall for a while from Amera as I'm a bit fussy and like my water to start somewhere on the battlefield other than just flow through the board. So a bit more terrain to the collection.

Waterfall section
River section

I also found in a little tub Airfix model plane stands! These are around £6 on the internet where as the one I bought was £1.50 !

Now my Typhoon has a stand woo!

Before the holidays I managed to finish of my Napolenic British Infantry (with much stabbing myself on their bloody bayonets!)

I like these so much I may ditch my cavalry unit and have extra line infantry ☺
Also I've managed to do another gaslands vehicle. Using a hot wheels buggy i added a home made machine gun using Bolter drum magazines and a sten from bilt action.

Idris Buggy

The buggy will be sponsored by Idris  (cult of speed ) so obviously it's red as red cars go faster!
I've acquired the right got wheels mustang to begin work on the Mustang from the Death Race films.  I ordered and recieved some 15mm mini guns to add to the Mustang. 

Mini guns for maximum carnage

Have a great day folks!

Monday, 26 March 2018

The week that was

Hello! This week after completing my night shifts  I've managed to prime all my miniatures that I built last month and can now start painting them! First up I grabbed several British Napoleonic line infantry.

Red jackets!

Using the box art and some Google images I tried my best to get as close as a representation as I can.

You'll notice 2 Brown bases in the group this is because I ran out of green paint! Turns out I preferred the brown so I repainted the lot brown added some flock and tufts. 

First group done

I think they look really good (well for my standards anyway!).
Also mentioned in my last post my new game rules Gaslands.  Using an online car builder I've come up with 2 teams. I have acquired 4 hot wheels cars and need 1 more for the teams to be ready . In Gaslands  you use cans to buy stuff and the usual team is 50 cans. So I have a team sponsored by Slime  (angry violent youths mainly) which has a pick up truck and car. The pick up truck has got a HMG and a machine gun plus a ram and nitro boost. The car will have  a rear machine gun.

Slime Pick Up truck

The ram is made from old chaos chain axes and chaos monster horns. The rear extras are from random bits of old dreadnought in my bits.  Now to find a car to complete the slime team.
The other team is sponsored my Idris, this team worships speed so I needed rapid cars for this. I also wanted the Mustang from the Death Race film . A very kind person in the Facebook group who has already done this car sent me there wip photos to help me. To back up the Mustang I've added 2 buggies to the team. Lightly armoured and equipped but lightning quick. One has a machine gun the other has a caltrop dropper.  The mustang will be the heavy hitter of the team with a mini gun and oil dropper. I've completed one buggy. It's It's little bit out there but get its a post apocalyptic game so I can go crazy.

The Hot wheels car is a good buggy with a huge engine! I added some mesh across the doors and again using bits of old dreadnought I made a caltrop dropper which fitted very nicely in the golf bag holder.
The the other buggy as of last night has a machine gun on it andnis ready for priming. The mustang was a bit tricky to find as I needed the correct model. After a few unsuccessful searches in the local you shops I found my 4yr old son had one under his bed! After a hard negotiation I acquired the Mustang (fear not my son got 2 New hot wheels cars so he was happy ). This will be quite a test for me as I have to make the armour plates as close to the real thing as possible.

Mustang in the film
Mustang hot wheels car made by Kevin Cecil in the Gaslands group.

Obviously the car will not look as good as the one above but I'm going to try my best. 
That's it for now, hopefully this week I'll get more like infantry done and the other buggy painted.
Have a great day folks!

Saturday, 17 March 2018


Received my copy of Gaslands today. So I had a brief read and I have to say it looks really good and I'm excited to play it. For those that don't know about Gaslands it's set on a post apocalyptic earth taken over by humans from Mars. Now the Gaslands is the favourite blood sport of all vehicle racing and battling with the a top prize of a life on Mars away from earth. 
You make your team of racers up from a selection of vehicles. The games templates are designed for Hot Wheels  scale type cars so lots of choice. In the book You can have buggies,  cars, sports cars, monster trucks  etc.  You arm them qoth weapons and upgrades and head out for the race and the battle of your life.
The rules are well paid out and seem simple enough. There are plenty of examples and illuatraions to help you out. They seem to have got the racing, sliding and crashing all into the game but obvously I won't know for real until I play.
The book it self is paperback quite tough covers standard Osprey quality really. Everything is laid out and clear. Can't wait to play this!!
Off to find me a hot wheels  collection instead of stealing my sons!

Dino Proof episode 1

"Welcome folks to tonight's broadcast I'm your host Jim Buford-Smith and here with me tonight is the legend 'Rusty' Razor McClure. A dino Hunter veteran and hall of famer. "
"Glad to be here JB and I cannot wait for tonight's match up. We have 4 rookies all ready to drop into the dino zone and show us if they have the bottle and intestinal fortitude to be a dino slayer "
"That's right Razor tonight 4 rookies will be trying to impress the good people watching and not become a dino buffet. Speaking of buffet this broad cast is sponsored by T-Rex Hot Sauce.  Nothing roars like a T-Rex! Available at all good food outlets. "
"That T-Rex sauce really does have a roar to it JB just like the real thing I love adding it to my meal after a slaying session."
"You'd be the man to know Razor who can forget that '94 match! What excellent use of ear plugs a fellow slayer and a desert eagle"
"Thank you JB you're too kind. Let's meet our rookie slayers"
"Ok first up hailing from the dino free zone in Tennessee it's Big Bram Browski or 'Triple B' as he likes to be called. He is taking a rifle and machete in this drop. That a good combination Razor?"
"Definatly JB for a rookie its a good mix. Ideally you'll use the rifle but you always need a back up just in case it gets  up close and personal. You can smash a dino with a rifle but it will hurt your rifle a lot more than it will the dino."
"Now Triple B has been raised as a hunter so should be handy with that rifle and he tells the cameras he has dino slayer pedigree in his blood. His grandaddy was a slayer of some reput. We did some research and his grandaddy was a slayer and a record holder. Sadly for quickest death in a broad cast. Blacked out during the parachute drop and landed in a raptor nest. Held that record for 10 years till the infamous Rufus 'ADHD' Dehavil."
"Oh yes so excited about making it onto prime time the poor boy had on his travel rucksack instead of his parachute JB ."
"Still it was good of the network to grant him that one kill for the dino he landed on. Right next up is Lofty Limb Slicer Thrashnut. Now Lofty is from London in the UK, raised on the hard streets there, at least we think so no one can actually understand him.  He has told several network people that they are 'brown bread' we are all confused but let's not let that bother us. What's he taking on this hunt Razor?"
"Well JB look like Lofty is going on with a pistol and sword. Once again a good combination keeping his options open on that all important offence. I've heard he favours the sword so expect some close up action."
"Sounds good Razor. Now Lofty is new to the dino hunting game but I've seen him wield that sword over the pond in a cheese rolling contest. I tell you Razor that cheese rolling has just got more and more extreme"
"Cheese rolling JB? ? Man those Limeys sure are a crazy bunch! Ok whose next?"
"Well Razor next up is Sienna Rickards a cool headed sniper from Alice Springs, Australia. She will have ample skills for this hunt but will she be able to put on a show? She is tacking in a seriously impressive sniper rifle. "
"That's right JB ruthless efficient kills will only the impress the viewers so much. Unless she racks up those kills! The viewers are a fickle bunch."
"Also coming from Australia I can't imagine dinosaurs being a problem for her that place is filled with deadly creatures and has been for years!"
"True JB I've seen those documentarys of those crazies driving cars around the desert causing mayhem"
"Razor erm they aren't documentaries....."
"What JB? "
"Never mind that Razor we have our last competitor to intrduce!! Rósín Nic Cheallach this two gun hotshot is from  Dublin, Ireland. I think she could be the wild card to this hunt  I've not seen many slayers bring the double pistol combination. I think she'll be fast and lethal"
"JB  2 pistols is an ambitious offensive strategy but she has the ability to put out a storm of bullets which the viewers at home will love! Ive seen her warming up and she is as quick and cunning as a Raptor so I'm expecting good things."
"Well said Razor! Well its time for the drop. Ladies and gentleman and children of all ages let's get DINO PROOF!!!!!"
"WOO!!!!!" *boom!!*
"Razor you told me that pistol wasn't loaded............."

Tonights Dino Zone. The slayers have touched down!

"Ok the winds don't seem to bad today Razor. Lofty has landed and seems happy with his position. Rósín seems to have drifted a bit off course but she's ok . Sienna also caught a bit of wind but she's down safe and so is Triple B. Well that's the first part for the rookies done."
"Definatly JB it's always good to get a good landing first time round boosts your confidence no end."
"Looks like Lofty has his eyes on a dino already Razor"

Stalking the Parasaurolophus

"Oh JB but look Rósín has already attracted the attention of a Triceratops! Look at it charge! Woo-ey!!!"
"Razor! Watch where that pistol is waving!! Rósín has stood her ground with those pistols! "

Triceratops incoming!

"Sienna has got herself away from a couple of dinos. Should give her enough room to use that rifle Razor"
"Yes JB that's gotta be her plan of attack'

Sienna manoeuvres for a shot

"Boom JB!! Did you are that Sienna just took a chunk out of that Triceratops!! Always good to see your bullet strike home but the rookie surely knows Triceratops are tough and one bullet won't be enough but first blood to the Aussie!"
"Great shot Razor, Dino proofs 1st Blood award is brought to you by Raptor Whisky. Gets you right in the gut!"
"Wait JB!  wait JB !  Triple B is lining up a head shot.  ...  let's see if he is really a hunter..."
"Ok ok Razor let's see .......Oh head shot!  Triple B bags a Dilophsairus with one shot."
"First kill! JB yes! Whiskeys all round!"
"Razor this is not your local bar you can't just drink love in ai. ..........I guess you can. Ok folks first dino kill on the board.  Bobs Bets now putting 3 -1 odds on Triple B getting the next kill ."
"Good odds JB Triple B looks good I've stuck 50 bucks down on that bet."
"Ok Razor, let's find Lofty out in the zone. Ah there he is Razor, he's got that wicked sword out. That Parasaurolophus has no idea hes there. He really is sneaky. "
"Hang on JB,  yes cancel the last bet . What do you mean you cant.."
"Razor!  We're on air! Oh!!!! Lofty nearly decapitating that dino! Kill to Lofty.  Chalk it up"
"Damn it! That was 50 bu........Oh yeah great kill JB !"

Loftys first kill

"Rósín is still struggling with that Triceratops Razor"
"Damn straight she can't seem to get the pistols do the damage required, look Sienna is in a world of trouble!"

Sienna is mobbed

"Razor you're correct  she's got a triceratops, Raptor  and  a Pachycephalosaurus charging at her"
"She needs to get a handle on this JB , I remeber back in '97 I got swarmed by 4, 5 or 6 dinos. Now that was hairy! "
"How'd you get out of that one Razor?"
"Good ole Desert Eagle JB! ! Oh and that Brachiosaurus walking past that stomped a couple of the dinos for for me."
"Razor looks like the Raptor has caught a chunk of Sienna there! Slayer 1st blood is brought to you by Murphy's Bandages.  Because you know Murphy's law always strikes!"

Sienna retreats to the building

"JB Sienna has beat a wise retreat. This gives her the best attacking option I think."
"I think she'll get some good old fashioned vengence on those dinos . Hmm looks like Lofty is heading for that crate kindly supplied by our glorious government. They don't wanna leave you all alone out there"
"JB let's hope it's a brewski! "

Lofty loots a crate
A raptor tries to get some dinner

"Razor looks like Rósín is still struggling with the triceratops, she might be better getting out of melee and trying a new strategy"
"JB that's a great from up here but I bet her blood is up and she wants that dino dead"
"Woah I heard a shot Razor, Sienna has taken down a Pachycephalosaurus. Lovely shot"
"Sweet JB, check out the replay, cool calm and straight though the brain. While it grappled with a raptor  excellent work using a little dino help."
" Lofty has got that crate open but I don't think he has seen that Raptor stalking him."
" JB they are sneaky S O Bs. Down in Brazil they almost had me for dinner, could not get a bead on them in the dense terrain. Looks like Lofty has himself a new medical kit. That is worth a nice chunk of cash right there"

Raptor sneaking up on Lofty

"The Raptor strikes, it misses! Razor Lofty needs to get a good hit in"
"Oh JB he is an artist with that sword! ! Look at that Raptor head fly! Have that you bast.."
"Razor!..Ok folks Lofty has dispatched a raptor beautifully."

Lofty kills a raptor!
Triple B stalks a Brachiosaurus

"Folks looks like Triple B is after the Brachiosaurus!"
"JB he could be there a while those creatures take a few bullets to down. I've only ever got one Bracio kill, took me 60 rounds and  a scaffold pole!"
"I remeber that Razor . Brutal but effective, though the scaffolders were not happy with the collapse"

Raptor charge does not go well

"Another Raptor Razor! Sienna has it on her sights,  she's cold as ice Sienna is not moving. Raptor Down  what a kill!"
"JB looks like some carnivores have set upon the Brachiosaurus. A slayer could use this to help weaken the bracio! "
"That's a cunning plan. Oh nice Sienna just took out a triceratops!"

Threshold down!
Brachisaurus is set upon

" That Brachiosaurus is realky weak now. Triple B lining up a shot."
" Sweet JB, he did it , he brought down a brachiosaurus!!

Brachio down

"Rósín is still fighting that the Triceratops , I can't believe it! The rest are stalking dinos for the hunt
But wait!! ~alarm~ That is it time ladies and gentleman!, the slayers are heading for
their pick up and hopefully not turn into a buffet on the way out!"
"That's right JB the next phase is.always awkward as you are avoiding being some dinos lunch while.finding the helicopter."
"Walls thanks and good bye from me and from my colleague..."
"Good night folks Razor out!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Bolt Action Force Historic ties (loosely)

After listening to several bolt action podcasts (Down Order, Call to Battle, Cast Dice and the War room. Check out your podcast app for them! ) I found a lot of them mentioning that they had picked a division, operation or particular unit to base their force on (Royal Marines, American Rangers at Point de Hoche etc). I have regular troops, airbourne and sas.  I aimed to pair up my regulars with the SAS.  After a quick Google search I located am operation into Germany called Operation Clipper.  Here is a  link  to the Wikipedia page.  The operation was ained at reducing the Geilenkirchen salient on the Siegfried line.  Part of this operation was the battle for Tripsrath. My Google had led me to a picture of an SAS jeep captioned SAS  assisting the 1st Battalion Worcestershire regiment in anti sniper duties.

The picture of the SAS jeep where the caption mentions the Worcester regiment.

I also purchased a book about the operation.

A nice little read covering the whole operation (involved American units also). This book does not mention the SAS involvement and after speaking to more knowledgeable people than me, it seems potentially the caption might be incorrect.
Fear not I said loosely based and that photo puts SAS in that area so that will do for me. Regular forces attacking the front SAS outflanking at the sides!!!
Now in my mind I want another bolt action army at some point. At the moment I'm  researching my grandfather's service in WW2. One was captured in Singapore and was a Japanese POW for the war. My other grandfather fought with the BEF in France in the KSLI (Kings Shropshire Light Infantry) accepted to be the last unit to leave Dunkirk (I believe, I'm in no way am expert). After this he ended up in Durham Light Infantry and in Africa and Italy (what he got upto there though we have no idea)
So this makes me want a small BEF force to represent my grandads unit. 

Friday, 2 March 2018


Sorry I've been so quiet, I have  been writing writing blog post for a game's night which was cancelled but other things have been happening. My friend had acquired the osprey book Chosen Men. Which gives me a great excuse to scratch my Napolenic war itch!
He helped me plan out a little force. From what I gather chosen men is on the smaller scale of battle not full lines of soldiers firing volleys at each other but smaller sections.  As I'm a massive Sharpe fan I predictably went for British.  I had some riflemen (95th obviously!) from Warlord games as a Valentine's present from the the wife. This box contains 16 metal miniatures and a metal dog as well to follow the riflemen.  Also managed to pick up a box of  British Line Infantry as well. This box contains 20 plastic regular infantry and 4 metal command models, though I had six in the box which was nice (Captain, 2 standard bearers, drummer, sergeant and a dude with an axe not sure on his role). The standard bearers really tested me as I had to drill through their hands to slide the standard pole through but in the box are cardboard flags so I haven't got to faff with making a flags. My chosen man force requires only 10 models from this box set so plenty of potential. The last unit is some light dragoons so I need to buy them at some point.

95th rifles from Warlord games
These are really nice sculpts
British Line Infantry

I also picked up a box of bolt action regular late war British troops. Looking at my army lists and the vague historic background I had chosen (I best write a blog up about that! But basically I've chosen Operation Clipper. An allied attack into Germany, part of that attack were the Worcestershire regiment possibly supported by the SAS on anti sniper duties though this may not be true.) , looking at my forces I only have 2 regular squads of infantry so about 20 regular Tommies. Currently I have 2 squads of airbourne as well so am capable of putting out a force already but I've been listening to a lot of bolt action podcasts recently where lots of people have been getting a historic slant on their forces so I decided I needed more regular Tommies. The box contains enough miniatures to make a small first platoon (great purchase for some one starting out. I got an officer, light mortar team, PIAT team and 2 8 man squads from my first box.) But I wanted just soldiers to add no officers or special teams. I made up 2 bren gunners with their loaders, a couple of Sten carrying soldiers and the rest were riflemen.

My SMG man charging into melee spade swinging

I tried my best to vary the poses of the soldiers. I think I did ok glued my fingers together several times though! My favourite is the man swinging his spade in melee.  I hope the pose works
So thats what I've been upto now after snowmeggedon has gone away I'll get undercoating and painting. H
Stay safe!