Wednesday, 6 December 2017

New Toys ☺

Did a big sell on eBay last month so got to order more konflict 47 reinforcements and they've arrived!! Also had a belated birthday present so ordered and got another bren carrier (one of the nicest models to fit together).

This came at a great time as I was getting the modelling itch but had no models to make.  Its a lovely lot and most bits slide and click into place then with a dab of glue they stick. I love the bren carrier gives you a nice little run around with 2 lmgs  (if passengers are on board). Also on this kit you got a stat card,  which is great! ! No more scouring the rulebook or flicking through the easy army list.  Plus smoke and on fire markers,  this is a lovely touch and a nice addition (another reason Warlord continues to impress).

Stat card and smoke markers

Next arrived a nice box from Rkstudiostore containing my konflict 47 force. I had ordered a Mudskipper walker (in the main rulebook this was U.S. only but in the new book Resurgance they U.S. have allowed the British access to this walker for their airborne forces.  This walker can jump,  had 2 HMGs and 2 light automatic cannons. I'm thinking this might be a potent totenkorps killer... well re killer. The walker is quite easy to build and looks impressive. A squad of British heavy infantry were also in box. Equipped with Galahad armour and LMGs.  These boys can put out a nice chunk of dice when shooting and have tough and resilient I believe so hard to kill by small arms fire. Also these are lovely models, solid and plenty of detail.  Up next is the British only exclusive the Automatons. These robots developed by Alan Turing (in the fictional konflict 47 world) have a rudimentary AI and carry mmgs onto the battle field. These are notoriously hard to put together so they are not built yet as want an evening to attempt just them.  Lastly I felt my konflict 47 needed a new leader with a bit of weird war flair to him. For this I found Major Turntadust (though I'll be running hin as a lieutenant) from warlord. With his cross and Tommy gun he is ready for anything.

Galahad Infantry
Mudskipper Walker
Major Turntadust I believe he is called my platoon HQ now

I'll get some photos of the automatons up when I'm brave enough to attempt them  (and when I'm not working)

Have a great day

Friday, 24 November 2017

Games Night

Been awhile but I've been having issues with the app I use as when I add pictures to the blog it won't upload so trying again after a successful test post early last week.
I had a tooth out this morning so was really looking forward to a games night to cheer me up. We decided to play the Star Wars Rebellion board game. This game is a beast the box is huge. It's all about the galactic battle between the Empire and the rebellion. The Empire has to track down and destroy the rebel base before the rebels reputation garners them enough support to destabilize the Empire (to help the rebels there are various objectives which speed up the reputation gathering). The game board is 2 boards put together!

The board has all the famous star wars planets Endor Corosuant etc.
The rebel sets up their starting units in systems loyal to the rebellion and the Empire sets up units in systems loyal to the Empire.  Obvously the Empire has the advantage of numbers. A random system card has been picked that holds the location of the rebel base which only the rebel player knows. Units can be allocated to the rebel base should it be located. 

The small rebel force starting against the might of the Empire

Both sides have to use leaders (famous star wars characters) to complete missions to gain various things like loyalty from star systems. The more star systems are loyal to you the more fleets and ground forces  you can build.  There is space combat and ground combat. The rebels have the Mon Calamari Crusier , Corellian Corvette, x wing , y wing, snow speeder and rebel soldier   The Empire have Death stars (yep stars not star) , super star destroyer, star destroyers, assault carriers, tie fighters, AT-AT, AT-ST and storm troopers. 
The game comes with a lot of bits (cards tokens etc) but the rule book does a great job of telling you how to play you're first game. This game is definatly a case of if you just read the rules you will get very confused  (I know I did!!) But when you start to play, the rules flow and after a few turns you are doing fine. We messed the missions for the first few turns which led to me know gaining to many systems loyalty so didn't manage to get large rebel space fleets this time round.  Once we had worked out what to do it was all good again.

In our game the rebels were hampered by my terrible dice rolling at the start so quite a few missions were failed but they started to come round. The empire gathered up a large amount of space fleets which were a bit of a worry. There was a large military build up around Naboo  Could this be where the rebel base was???

2 separate Empire fleets are occupying nearby systems around Naboo

In the game you are allowed to oppose the opponent's missions with one of your own leaders. Now Emperor Palpatine spent a good few turns messing my missions up but a new hero of the rebellion was born Lando Calrissian! He hampered and disrupted several missions even when the odds were against him.  The build up of forces around Naboo led to a rebel fleet striking at one of the Empire fleets in the Dagobath system. 

This was the biggest combat action and resulted in both rebel and empire capital ships being destroyed  (but destroying the Empire star destroyer gained me a reputation point!). The empire had 2 death stars now on the board! Unfortunately the rebels reputation reached the winning point making it a close win for the rebellion!

This was a great game but it is not a quick game! Took us about 3 hours and that is with learning the rules as well but it was enjoyable and next time I need to get some more fleets Into space to keep those empire at bay.
Everything in the box is great quality and an awesome addition to the board game cupboard.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Test blog

This just a test post as the phone app I use has decided to not post anything if it has pictures which is a bit rubbish when you are writing a miniatures blog!!

Let's see if this world other wise in gonna have to look at other apps.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Bit of Progress

The walker I previously posted got the painting bug back in me for a bit. I have a lack of models but still a few to paint. I acquired another birthday present which was a second  light walker  so i quickly assembled it and under coated it (half seven in the morning spray painting confused the neighbour's) in readyness for painting on the evening. (Impending night shifts ment to scratch the painting itch I needed to do it that evening). Used standard allied green paint. For the basing I went with a more countryside feel. The other walker has an urban feel so wanted them to be different. 

While building this walker I had a minor panic. Before I attached weapons I double checked the army lists. With my first walker I read the listing as there were 2 versions of the light walker the coyote and guardian. One had a medium machine gun and the other has a flame thrower.  So I made my first walker up with an mmg thinking I can do the second  with a flame thrower. Well turns out there  are 2 versions, the American Coyote which has an mmg and the British Guardian version which has both weapons. I have a British force so want Brit walkers. Could I find the first walkers mmg no!! (Now I read army lists several times )  I assumed I would have put it in my bits box but no. After having a small tantrum I gave up.  Only for the next day while searching in my terrain box I located it still on the sprue!! So that was attached to the first walker. Now all that's left is to give them names. I may attempt  to free hand them  or be a coward and ask my friend ☺.
I forgot to mention I also recieved my copy of the 2nd konflict 47 book resurgence plus a special mini. A Japanese soldier whose ghost suit used rift technology allows him to walk through walls. The mini looks fantastic the soldier being between a wall.

I've started painting this one but not finished yet. I also had the Churchill model I got with the operation sea lion book. So this model was next up.
Churchill's suit was difficult as I wanted a black suit. I find black a nightmare to paint. I wanted a pin stripe suit but I gave up lacking the skill and thin enough brush.

That's it for now. Have a good one folks

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Oops been a long time.

Sorry guys!! Not a lot has happened in the last month. Had my birthday end of September and got a Konflict 47  allied light walker.  I've gone for the flame thrower version (jackal and guardian I can't remember which one is which ).

Also got a mini Lego tie fighter ☺.
Eager to get some models built as it's been so long I quickly assembled the walker

I had seen in the konflict 47 Facebook group someone had armed their walker with an anchor. I liked this idea so I
embracing the wierd war ethos I gave mine a flail ☺ (thank you bits box)

A blast of black undercoat and away we go!!
I planned on keeping it standard allies type green and a simple paint scheme. Wanted to add something a bit extra to the base.

Really quite chuffed with this ☺. Given mybterrible.Painting sskills not to bad? What you think guys?
Well that's all for now. Have a good in and stay safe

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Dwindling paint queue

Been quiet recently my son starts reception this week so been busy getting him ready and gathering all the necessary gubbins he needs.
Had a shelf sort out and my paint queue is depressingly small now

That's all there is well there is a bear rider as well that's on the paint tray so not on pic

I thought I best crack on with some little projects I have in the go. So I broke out my bunker complex. It needed painting, I decided on a simple grey concrete colour for the whole thing then I can work on individual pieces. I started painting but soon got a little bored. So I checked all the pieces had a good layer of filler on and headed off to poundland. Grabbed some grey spray paint and sprayed the lot!

Now I can focus on maybe adding details to the bunker bits and corridors.  Need to do some research on that.
Currently I'm working on the Amera Plastic trench section I purchased in August. Once again great quality, cut it out and spray painted green as an undercoat. My 4 and 2 year old insisted on helping so they put a few coats of brown paint on the wood sections (and other random places but they will be easily hid ha ha ha). Made my own mud paint up to add to the craters and the path along the trench.

Filler, sand, PVA and brown paint mixed together

Next up were the sandbags and wood trench lining.

Did my best to dry brush and pick out details on the bags and wood. Then found some GW but paint still in the pot so lined the trench edges with it so it looks like it was dug onto the ground and added bits to the craters as well.

Next up will be flocking (my sons favourite bit). Though I am thinking about adding boards to line the bottom of the trench.

Soon it will be my birthday (yay!) The wife and kids have ordered me a Konflict 47 walker 😃. So I shall await this to see what the base is like as I made add one of the ruined buildings that's sat in my paint queue. Probably won't get much more on model front as I'm saving Amazon vouchers for the new call of duty ☺.
At some point I need to be brave and start painting my Winston Churchill model.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Been Quiet

Been quiet this month. Been away to windy Wales camping. Naturally I visited porthmadog and went to Porthmadog models. (A great small business!!! Go visit!!) I picked up an Amera Plastic trench section.

Churchill model

On the model front I think I've only got one left (will have to have a root around just in case), my Churchill model. So I shall have to base, prime him and get painting.
Also I have been staring at my x wing game miniatures and having a crisis of faith whether to carry on playing or not. A lot of this has to do with me reading Facebook group posts for x wing which 98% seem to be focused on the best set up for tournaments and what cards work well etc. This side of the game is not for me, I'll pick an x wing because it's my favourite sci fi space ship and not because you add so and so to combine with blah blah) My best friend has star wars armada and I love the epicness of controlling massive ships and squadrons of x wings. After having a natter with said best mate I've decided to keep x wing. We both like playing both games and our system of having the one game each world quite well plus I'm sure my son and nephew in a year or two will also like playing x wing (A simple version without pilot cards). Plus I do like space ships on my geek shelves.
Not sure what is next on the model front, my bolt action brit army is done with the exception of one squad I want to add (probably ......). So the next plan is to add British Konflict 47 elements like a walker so I can cross games.  There is a new Konflict 47 book on horizon which should contain more British units so waiting for that.
Also if you've seen my Facebook page for this blog (like it here go on. You won't be bombarded with stuff as I'm a lazy git) you will notice I got a little bit excited about a fallout board game being released which looks awesome. Also star wars legion by fantasy flights, a star wars miniatures game! I loved the ww2 action movie feeling Star Wars Rogue One and love the idea of making a rebel unit. So we will have to see what happens.
Also been reading a few Simon Scarrow books centering around 2 Roman soldiers (Cato and Macro Eagles of the Empire series) so fancied a bit of ancient gaming. Not feeling 28mm as I want massive looking armies so been looking into 6mm. Just trying to find some rules.  Probably I also should get cracking on painting my bunker set up  (completely forgot about that when I started writing this post!)
That's where I am at the moment so hopefully I'll get some hobbying done soon.  Have a great day